The Final Countdown

I’M delighted to welcome you to my new website, which comes to you courtesy of Fiona at, and also to share with you some of the exciting times that fill the final week leading to launch night!

So, I am having two launches for ‘The Shadow of Fear’ and the first of these is next Thursday, June 7, at the world famous Stirling Smith Gallery and Museum.

Thursday’s launch is sponsored by Stirling Gin and I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to SG owners Cameron & June McCann for their kind support.

As you can see I am pictured with Cam below ‘trading places’ at The Stirling Smith!

With launch night almost upon us there are plenty of things to finalise and  today I spent an enjoyable hour in the company of Stirling Smith director Elspeth King and her team as we went over the ‘pyrotechnics’ which I hope will make for a dramatic entrance!

I always think that as an author you spend so much time locked away writing your book that when it comes to launch night you should do what you can to make it memorable.

With a little help from Idris Elba I am hopeful that I will have the full attention of my audience when kick-off arrives at 7.30pm!

The auditorium at The Stirling Smith is an excellent facility and as you can see from the pic below it has some fantastic stained glass windows!

Smith Pic in here please…..

With this being my fifth book I am getting to the veteran stage when it comes to launches and in this respect I prefer to go down the interview route.

Thus, next Thursday night I will be interviewed by Robert Fairnie of The Stirling Observer. We have spent some time together as Robert has got to grips with his subject matter and I have no doubt that the grilling that awaits me will provide some interesting chat and hopefully fire the audience up into asking some questions of their own!

Naturally I should also say a thanks to Elspeth King and her team at The Smith for hosting the launch, to my publishers Nine Elms the crime imprint of Benefactum Publishing and to Alan the GM at WH Smith Stirling for staffing my launch and supplying the books.

Well, as they say in all the best cartoons, ‘That’s All Folks!’….for now!!

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