The Waiting is Over!

TODAY, June 1, 2018, is a day I have waited a long time for!

For at last it marks that moment when my new book ‘The Shadow of Fear’ has hit the shelves of WHSmith, just 14 days short of two years since my last book ‘The Shift’ was launched!

To say it has been a torturous period is the understatement of the decade, which in my experience is often the case when you leave one publisher for metaphorical pastures new.

So, it’s appropriate for me here to thank both my agent Susan Mears of The Susan Mears Agency and my new publisher Anthony Weldon of Benefactum Publishing, who’s crime imprint ‘Nine Elms’ has helped Ludovic Fear escape my mind!

I also need to say a huge thanks to WH Smith and the picture below shows myself and Alan Bailey, the Stirling branch GM inside his shop earlier this morning, as The Shadow of Fear was released…hopefully to fly off the shelves!!

Pic in here please Fi…

After writing four police procedural novels in the DS Thoroughgood series, which was very much based on my own experiences as a cop, The Shadow of Fear represents a big departure from that hallowed ground!

Quite simply Ludovic Fear is a bit of an anti-hero and you will soon have the opportunity to make your mind up if he is a good guy gone bad…or a rough diamond dealt a ‘bloody’ bad hand!

What I will say is that the pages of The Shadow of Fear, you have my personal guarantee, are bursting with betrayal, revenge, heartbreak and plenty of flying lead!!

How do I know?

I asked the author!!

Adios amigos!!

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