Back To The Future!

IT’S amazing that almost 13 years since I used the recovery from an appendix operation to write my debut novel ‘Parallel Lines’, the first DS Thoroughgood outing, has been released once again along with books two and three in the series ‘The Hurting’ and ‘The Longest Shadow’.

For this, a huge thanks to my publishers Matthew James Publishing.

Perhaps not surprisingly this has all caused a bout of introspection and flashbacks to the events that first made me think about using my experiences as a young Glasgow cop to scribble a crime fiction series.

Definitively I can say that an armed robbery in an Argyle Street jewellery store I walked into was the moment that first spawned the #DSThoroughgoodSeries, which I am delighted to say will be the subject of a Blog Tour, as below, over the next three weeks.

Indeed, the robbery I spoke of soon provided the basis of the first three chapters of my debut novel, Parallel Lines, a classic crime thriller featuring two men on the opposite sides of the law, firmly on a collision course, which I hope brought the streets of the Glasgow I policed alive.

I guess most ‘readers’ are all too well aware of what a Blog Tour is, but just in case, let me explain it thus:

Blog tours are an easy and effective way to spread the word about a new book on social media. 

The tours are normally organised by the publisher or a freelance ‘Blog Tour Organiser’ and expert book bloggers are invited on the tour to review the book on a specific day on or around publication date. 

The tours can run from three days to a month and all bloggers involved post unique content from Q&A’s and extracts to reviews. In this respect my thanks to Emma Welton of and to the seven fantastic bloggers reviewing my first three titles one week at a time starting from tomorrow.

But on the eve of the #DSThoroughgoodSeries blog tour I must confess to trepidation as well as excitement!

Yet I have faith in the quality of the three very different plots awaiting you and the strength of the relationship between the main protagonists, Gus Thoroughgood the youthful, headstrong detective sergeant and his gnarled world – weary counterpart DC Kenny Hardie and those other characters drawn from my 12 year ‘stretch’ as a Glasgow cop in such salubrious areas as Blackhill, Springburn and Easterhouse.

The great news is that should you wish to order a signed copy of any of these three books you can get it via my website at: and also at

Looking back over the last year it has been as if the whole world has been put on one torturous long pause because of the Covid-19 Pandemic but now with the New Year dawning and more than one vaccine being rolled out, perhaps at last we can look forward with optimism.

In that respect I’d just like to finish by wishing everyone out there all the very best for 2021!



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