Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

This riveting action-packed thriller is set on the gritty streets of Glasgow, Scotland. Parallel Lines: The Glasgow Supremacy is a crime novel with a love triangle, making the outcome a matter of life and death.

The lethal rivalry between Police Detective Sergeant Gus Thoroughgood and his criminal nemesis, Declan Meechan, the new kingpin of Glasgow’s underworld, for supremacy over the streets of Glasgow also involves Celine Lynott, the love of their respective lives. A compelling story reaches its climax with Meechan on the verge of taking complete control of Glasgow’s lucrative drug trade. As Meechan’s rivals are mercilessly bludgeoned into submission, only the detective stands between the crime lord’s domination of the city’s underworld and the woman he wants above everything else.

With Thoroughgood determined to be the cop that cages the crime lord once and for all, and saving his first love from a life of lies, Parallel Lines is a whitewater adrenalin ride that has it all.

You can buy the eBook produced by Fledgling Press from all major distributors.

“They call Scottish crime fiction ‘tartan noir’ — and if that’s the case, then the thread of red that runs through Parallel Lines is a river of blood, and the blacks and greens are the bruises on a battered corpse. This book doesn’t pull any punches in its depiction of a deadly cops-and-robbers feud that strays far beyond the procedural into the personal. At the core of the story is a traditional love triangle — the hero, the villain and the girl that gets between them — but it’s Mitchell’s first-hand knowledge of what goes on behind the police station’s closed doors that sets the book apart. This is a real page-turner: once that plot is set in motion, like a car with its brake pipes cut hurtling down a steep Glasgow street — and that’s an image from the book you won’t forget — it carries the reader right through to its bullet-strewn climax.” ALAN MORRISON, Group Arts Editor, Herald & Times

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