The 1000th!


It’s been a while since my last blog but right now would seem a good time to post again!

Since June 30th my WHSmith tour in support of my current title ‘The Shadow of Fear’ has taken me on a journey spanning 1586 miles all over Scotland from Ayr to Aberdeen, Dunfermline to Dundee and to every major city in the country.

I have also made my first appearances at new stores in the WHSmith chain like Dundee and Inverness and been averaging sales of 50 books per signing while at the top of my leader board was a 63 sale signing at Paisley!

But tomorrow for the first time, I will be visiting Helensburgh and it could be a very special day indeed!

After a successful debut at Dundee last week, where Aimee, who I’m pictured with below was my 50th sale and I was helped on my way to total 52 sales by GM John Milne,  I stand on 943 sales…just 57 short of the magical 1000 mark and it would be fantastic to reach it this weekend.

Along the way I’ve met some interesting people and reacquainted with some old friends and the tour has proven a hugely positive experience for me and I hope for everyone I’ve met!

Probably the most interesting person I encountered was a fellow I met in Dundee last weekend who told me he was a former armed robber….as you can imagine we had a very interesting conversation….but the main thing is I got the sale and lived to tell the story!

But in the background there has been a lot going on! I have taken back the eBook and paperback rights for my first three titles in the Thoroughgood Glasgow detective series and the next book in the saga is good to go!

My second world war epic ‘Operation Parsifal’, which is based on the premise Hitler didn’t die in the bunker also attracted quite a bit of interest at the Frankfurt Book Fair and is currently out to tender with six publishers while I am also working on the follow up to The Shadow of Fear….so it’s quite busy really!

Needless to say if you are in the Helensburgh area tomorrow then I would be delighted to see you at WHSmith between 11am and 4pm and can guarantee you the best crime thriller you will read this year is waiting for you…and the patter won’t be bad either!!



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