The Long & Winding Road!

I have to admit I’m glad last weekend is over!

Having a book signing and a launch all in one weekend is stressful stuff but thankfully all went well and it’s time to look forward but before I do so a round of thanks are needed.

First of all I have to say a huge thanks to my host at the Glasgow launch of ‘The Shadow of Fear’, BBC Scotland’s Phil Goodlad. The ‘good lad’ (pictured below) was his usual super suave self and his probing line of questioning managed to make even a clodhopper like myself sound (almost) good.

Although I have to say that when Phil asked me if I intended to run for parliament one day I nearly fell off my soap box!

Of course the launch event in the sumptuous setting of Hotel du Vin’s One Devonshire Gardens was sponsored by Rock Rose Gin and in particular I must thank the lovely Timna, who is pictured below.

Needless to say that the sponsor’s product went down very well with the 78 people who attended the event and this delightful gin from windswept Caithness has certainly made quite a few new converts….including the author!!

It was also good to meet up with some old colleagues from my days as a cop and it’s hard to believe that on July 31, 1989, I joined Starthclyde Police with these two pretty young things, Mari & Carolyn. Ladies, it was great to catch up with you both and there is no doubt who father time is treating the best…but as Mr Goodlad always says I do indeed have a face for radio!

Of course the day before I had the third stop of my Scottish signing tour with WHSmith at their Argyle Street branch and once again I ran up a half century of sales with the 50th copy of The Shadow going to Gloria, who is pictured below.

Next up for me is today’s trip to Edinburgh Gyle Centre and hopefully my trip to the capital will prove a fruitful one.

Before I hit the road again I thought I would mention one of the key locations in my new book, Dunottar Castle.

Over the course of the five books I have written I have always found that locations, especially spectacular ones like Dunottar in The Shadow of Fear, or The Wallace Monument at the start of The Longest Shadow, have a fantastic knack of firing my imagination up!

When it comes to Dunottar Castle all I will say is that you wouldn’t believe how useful it could be to the Russian Mafia!

Anyway if you happen to be in The Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh today, please drop in at WHSmith Gyle Books and get yourself a signed copy of what I guarantee is the best action thriller you will read this summer!

How do I know…I wrote it!!



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